After over 40 years of business operation, Sarnti Packaging Co.,Ltd. has become one of Thailand’s largest manufacturers of corrugated sheet boards and corrugated carton boxes. With a production capacity of over 100,000 tones a year, we have earned trust from a wide range of customers.

Sarnti Packaging Co., Ltd. operates under the will to be the leading manufacture of quality corrugated sheet boards and corrugated carton boxes. We are determined to ensure that our operation aids the profession of Thailand’s varying industries.

Our company has two major operating factories to serve the high demand from our customers. Sarnti 1 is located on Rom Klao Road, Bangkok, operating in an area of over 27 rai. Due to an increasing demand, Sarnti 2 commenced operation in 2004. Sarnti 2 is located on Pracha Ruam Jai Road, Bangkok, and has an area of 11 rai.


To become one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers of corrugated sheet boards and carton boxes
and to be recognized for its excellent service and product quality.


• To be committed to producing high quality products and services.

• To continually improve and develop working process in order to

achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

• To establish a strong organization that is flexible and open to change

and to be able to grow sustainably.

• To provide appropriate educational training programs and seminars in

order to foster and encourage our employees’ personal development.

• To consistently improve and implement technology in our working process

• To have social and environmental awareness and responsibility.

• To create a positive work environment that not only encourages

employees to use their skills and competencies but also to

encourage them to be enthusiastic and proactive.

After over 40 years of our business operation in Min Buri district, we are aware of the approaching and growing communities around us. With this in mind, we aim to keep our company sustainable and environmentally friendly. SPC realizes the scarcity of natural resources and the importance of our environment. Hence, we ensure to operate in consideration of our surrounding environment by establishing environmental policy that we strictly comply. We are fully aware that pollutions not only contaminate our environment but also ultimately cause climate change. Therefore, we are determined to take actions for a greater and global impact.


SPC is determined to produce high quality packaging products and to provide excellent service in order to fulfill the needs of our customers. With this in mind, we consistently aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of our organization process.
SPC has continually strived for the highest quality of standard for its customers. By continuing to produce high standard products,
the company was able to achieve ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2004 which we still hold today.
SPC is determined to remain and to continually increase the quality of our production process to ensure that our customers will receive the best quality products.


Mr. Ravi Kasemsarn

Managing Director President of Thai Corrugated Packaging Association

Mr. Jiraphol Kasemsarn

Director, Purchasing and Marketing Manager Deputy Secretary General of Thai Corrugated Packaging Association


Ms. Kamala Singhasivanon

Senior Finance Manager

Ms. Knungnij Sirimongkol

Senior Sales Support Manager

Mr. Rungson Phensaengthong

Senior Sales Manager

Mr. Anusorn Pongkijvorasin

Box Sales Manager

Ms. Porntip Tonjampa

Account Manager

Mr. Nawats Tanaseesookkhasem

Sheetboard Production Manager

Mr. Montri Anandhanasarn

Manufacturing Operations Manager / Deputy Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Ms. Somjit Wongwittayakul

Information Techonology Manager

Mr. Somkiat Chaikirin

Warehouse Manager

Mr. Tananrat Promsirisang

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Pichai Kamdee

Logistics, QMR, Planning and Warehouse Manager

Mr. Somnuk Ngamtampong

Sarnti 2 Senior Manager

Ms. Jintana Sangchan

Production Manager