Corrugated Carton Box

We are a proficient manufacturer of corrugated carton boxes. Our machines are equipped with Flexography system, which can produce corrugated carton boxes of up to 5 colors in various sizes and shapes to suit your requirements.

Slotted Type Boxes

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

  • A versatile type of corrugated carton box. The two outer flaps have equal size and meet at the center of the box when folded. The container and the inner lid leave a gap along the line according to the size of the container. This type of container can be easily produced with a single corrugating sheet board, minimizing waste. The container can be delivered as a single, flat sheet and can be easily assembled upon arrival. The container can be altered to package almost any type of product.
  • Application: Can be used in most packaging applications, such as consumer goods, appliances or shipping boxes.

Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)

  • Similar to a RSC container, except the outer flaps overlap by an inch or more when folded. The length of the outer flaps does not exceed the width of the container. An OSC is used when the length of the container is greater than the width of the container, therefore making the inner lids far in distance. The shape can be easily altered as requested.
  • Application: Often used to package books, clothes or agricultural products

Telescope Type Boxes

Full Telescope Half Slotted Box (FTHS)

  • A two-part slotted container with a one-sided cover put together. The upper part has a height equivalent to the lower part of the container. This type of container can withstand being overlaid.
  • Application: Often used to package fresh fruits and vegetables, where the products must be frequently checked for their quality.

Folder Type Boxes

Folder Type Boxes (Die-Cut)

  • A die-cut box has a Design Style characteristic, which can be made into various shapes and styles to suit your product and application. Certain formats can be produced in a way that can be easily assembled.
  • Application: Often used for smaller-sized items, such as cosmetics or books

Interior Fitments/Partitions

Interior Fitments/ Partitions

  • Interior Fitments are one of the components of a corrugating carton box. They are used to prevent and minimize any plausible damage to packaged products. Varying interior fitments can be made according to the packaged products and the method of packaging.
  • Application: Often used to protect delicate items such as glassware.
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