Corrugated Sheet Board

With cutting-edge technology and machinery, we can produce corrugated sheet boards using various paper grades and grams ranging from 36 to 84 inches. Our production capabilities include a single wall with B, C and E flutes and a double wall with BC and EB flutes. We have a variety of paper, sourced locally and internationally, that can cater to your requirements. Each paper grade has its distinct characteristic, which can be recognized by its color, and will have different properties and uses.

Standard Paper Grade


KA is a kraft paper with "golden brown" color.

  • Characteristic/Application: Suitable for products that require higher strength and moisture resistance packaging, such as products that need to go in a cold storage, vegetable, fruit or heavy-weight export items.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 125, 150, 185, 230


KL or KH is a kraft paper with "natural pulp" color.

  • Characteristic/Application: Known for its high strength and durability. Often used in automotive, electronics and export industries.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 125, 150, 185, 205, 250


KT is a kraft paper with "natural brown" color.

  • Characteristic/Application: Produced using 100% recycled paper, this product boasts environmental friendliness. Widely used locally and internationally. Well-suited for a variety of general applications.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 125, 150, 175, 185, 235


KI is a kraft paper with "light yellow-brown" color.

  • Characteristic/Application: Suitable for moderately durable products. Commonly used in the consumer goods sector, glassware items or small electrical appliances.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 125, 150, 185


KW is a "white kraft" paper.

  • Characteristic/Application: High-strength. Often used for packaging that wants to emphasize printing design, enhancing the value of the enclosed products. Commonly used for fruit packaging, such as mango, coconut or rambutan, as well as high-end electrical appliance packaging.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 170


CA is a kraft paper with "dark brown" color.

  • Characteristic/Application: Made from 100% recycled paper. Suitable to make corrugated flute. Can also be used to make partitions or protection sheets.
  • Standard Weight (gsm): 105, 115, 125, 150, 185

Corrugated Sheet Board

Single-Wall Corrugated Sheet Board

Constructed using three layers of paper that are glued using starch into one single sheet. A corrugated medium is placed between two sheets.

B Flute

  • Height: 2.1 - 2.6 mm
  • Flute: 150 - 184 flutes per meter
  • Characteristic/Application: Suitable for products that can support its own weight, such as cans or bottles.

C Flute

  • Height: 3.3 - 3.8 mm
  • Flute: 120 - 146 flutes per meter
  • Characteristic/Application: Widely used in all industries. Suitable for general products with average weight.

E Flute

  • Height: 0.9 - 1.4 mm
  • Flute: 275 - 310 flutes per meter
  • Characteristic/Application: Suitable for printing work. Often used to make small die cut boxes or off-set boxes, such as pizza, cosmetic or toy boxes.

Double-Wall Corrugated Sheet Board

Constructed using 3 sheets of linerboard with 2 layers of corrugated paper glued between them. The 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability.

EB Flute

  • Height: 4 - 5 mm
  • Characteristic/Application: Suitable for heavy goods. The finer E-flute as the outer wall gives excellent printing properties due to its smooth surface.

BC Flute

  • Height: 6.7 - 7.7 mm
  • Characteristic/Application: Provides a good all round performance. Suitable for packaging that requires stacking strength.
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