Structural Design

Our expert team can work closely with you to design boxes that are perfectly suited to the unique characteristics of your goods and provide optimal protection for your products during transit and storage. Additionally, we offer guidance on selecting the ideal paper grade and weight for your particular products and applications.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team can work closely with you to help you design the packaging that stands out, enhances your brand image, and showcases your products effectively.

Laboratory Testing

We offer a wide range of laboratory testing services, in accordance with relevant standards, as an after-sales service to help you assess the performance of your packaging. We can provide the following testing services:

  • Basis Weight: Test the standard weight of the paper
  • Cobb Test: Tests the ability of the paper to resist the penetration of water and the quantity of water absorbed by the surface of the fiberboard.
  • Moisture Content: Estimates the moisture substance
  • Ring Crush Resistance: Measure the edgewise compression
  • Edge Wise Crush Resistance: Measures the edgewise compressive strength of corrugated board
  • Pin Adhesive: Measures the strength of the adhesion of the flutes to the adjacent liner.
  • Bursting Strength: Measures the amount of force required to burst paper or corrugated sheet board
  • Box Compression Strength (BCT): Measures the optimal top load that a corrugated box can endure for an instant before it breaks down.
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