SPC regards the importance of sustainable development. We are committed to operating our business with social and environmental responsibility in order to foster sustainable growth. We strive to grow and prosper, not only as a single organization but also together with local and national communities.


We prioritize the conservation and preservation of our natural environment and resources in the running of our business. This entails comprehensive environmental management across various areas to minimize or eliminate negative environmental impacts, whether it be maximizing resources, air pollution management, energy management or water management.

We have implemented various projects, such as wastewater treatment systems, and re-using treated wastewater or solar panels, among other initiatives.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to managing the environment by conserving natural resources, minimizing negative environmental impacts, complying with laws and regulations, and continuously improving our environmental performance to maintain and protect the quality of the natural environment for both current and future generations.


Sustainable growth can only happen from collaboration among our stakeholders. Therefore, we consistently build strong relationships with our customers and valued partners, respect our employees rights, promote fair labour practices, foster a more equitable work environment, and create a positive impact on our surrounding communities. We continually engage in and support social contribution activities and projects as a way to build a better community under the SPC We Care initiative.

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